Weekend Recap: The Input on Club Output

January 28, 2013

output1[Credit: N. Ledner]

It was cold. It snowed. Some new club named Output opened within puking distance from the Wythe Hotel. We hate this club already because we hate all things that don’t involve beards, BBQ, or knitting. But, hey, at least the entrance fee was free. The Twitter chatter on Output was rather quiet except for the usual promotional tweets. Did we mention it was fucking cold? For the few who went to Output this weekend, here’s what they had to say.

Instagrammer Nicholas Ledner said, “The entire weekend was open bar and no cover, so obviously I’m biased, but the music was great, the dancing was fresh, and overall I’m quite happy to have a new dance spot in the hood where you can let loose.” Hmm, his overly effusive praise leaves us suspicious that he’s a friend of the club.

Yup. That’s pretty much what we expected. Leave your two cents in the comments.


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  1. NewYorkAds
    NewYorkAds: #newyorkads #ny #classifieds 1908 TA brass lock for sale - $50 (Williamsburg,… http://t.co/DkJNIc06Il #ads http://t.co/uqKHGhYzRr

  2. Allie Wiley
    Allie Wiley: Rise & grind folks @ East River Running Path http://t.co/teV4r2XNaL

  3. Corey O
    Corey O: Good morning. @ Williamsburg Bridge http://t.co/qlgIVezkWP

  4. Dawid

  5. Cititour.com

  6. Javier de la Torre
    Javier de la Torre: Our Williamsburg team is growing, welcome Andy! http://t.co/66u8zavIY2

  7. ♛♧✺ LIV Gollner ✺♘♛
    ♛♧✺ LIV Gollner ✺♘♛: I meant to say: "hey gurls! Come to cute vintage sale on Bedford ave today- ps I'm awake at 5 am for yoga" #cute

  8. julienne jones
    julienne jones: this man on the L train better start self-monitoring nowskies. http://t.co/hcEC2RzCRE

  9. sam
    sam: also on the L train tonight a woman projectile vomited it was as gross as it sounds she ran off the train after too hope she's ok

  10. Kara Leary
    Kara Leary: took the L two days in a row AND fraternized in Williamsburg tonight even though Ebola is amiss #livedangerously #yolo #swag

  11. Ron Lai
    Ron Lai: Not a fan of Williamsburg, never have, never will. I deplore it since it has no soul, a vibe that's not it's own #RandomMusings #TeamNoSleep

  12. Makho Ndlovu
    Makho Ndlovu: We got on the L train twice today. Folks seemed normal & calm. What Ebola?

  13. Lindsey C. Holmes
    Lindsey C. Holmes: With my ring girl from high school (madeira!) Boy time flies! #TheRevival #Brooklyn @ Wythe Hotel http://t.co/hwunEa4a13

  14. Gabe Ochoa
    Gabe Ochoa: Stuck in an Uber on the wburg bridge. Cops walking between the cars. Guessing it’s a wreck?

  15. sweetphee
    sweetphee: hay guys @ Williamsburg Bridge http://t.co/we2f3uZ2az

  16. Grub Street
    Grub Street: Have no fear, the Gutter in Williamsburg is Ebola-free and will reopen today: http://t.co/jSKfbXfzkN

  17. Emily Bachman
    Emily Bachman: Trago. (@ Verboten) on #Yelp http://t.co/ZwwK8jhzFQ

  18. Jerry Pauli Pio
    Jerry Pauli Pio: 3 shots of patron... Then he woke up on the east river

  19. Rukmini Callimachi
    Rukmini Callimachi: @ronmartinez contagious ... who is not at risk? The 1000s of ppl he walked past on A & L train, at bowling alley, on High Line and in resto

  20. Lex
    Lex: It's like the @MTA loves rushing to the aid of L train complaints but can't seem to get a D train to the Bronx at night.