Weekend Recap: The Input on Club Output

January 28, 2013

output1[Credit: N. Ledner]

It was cold. It snowed. Some new club named Output opened within puking distance from the Wythe Hotel. We hate this club already because we hate all things that don’t involve beards, BBQ, or knitting. But, hey, at least the entrance fee was free. The Twitter chatter on Output was rather quiet except for the usual promotional tweets. Did we mention it was fucking cold? For the few who went to Output this weekend, here’s what they had to say.

Instagrammer Nicholas Ledner said, “The entire weekend was open bar and no cover, so obviously I’m biased, but the music was great, the dancing was fresh, and overall I’m quite happy to have a new dance spot in the hood where you can let loose.” Hmm, his overly effusive praise leaves us suspicious that he’s a friend of the club.

Yup. That’s pretty much what we expected. Leave your two cents in the comments.


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